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Adele - Make You Feel My Love

Capo 1


{A}When the rain is blowing in{E} your face
{G}And the whole world is o{D}n your case
{Dm}I would offer you a w{A}arm embrace
{H7}To make you f{E7}eel my lo{A}ve.


{A}When evening shadows and the st{E}ars appear
An{G}d there is no one there to dry{D} your tears
{Dm}I could hold you for a mill{A}ion years
{H7}To make you f{E7}eel my lo{A}ve.


{D}I know you haven’t made your mi{A}nd up yet
{C#7}But I would n{D}ever do you wro{A}ng.
{D}I’ve known it from the moment tha{A}t we met
{H7}No doubt in my mind where {E7}you belong


{A}I’d go hungry, I’d go blac{E}k and blue
{G}I’d go crawling down the av{D}enue.
{Dm}There’s nothing that I wou{A}ldn’t do
{H7}To make you {E7}feel my l{A}ove.


Instrumental:{ }{_A}{ }{_E}{ }{_G}{ }{_D}{ }{_Dm}{ }{_A}{ }{_H7}{ }{_E7}{ }{_A}


{D}The storms are raging on the ro{A}llin’ sea.
{C#7}And on the h{D}ighway of regre{A}t
{D}The winds of change are blowing wild {A}and free.
{H7}You ain’t seen nothi{E7}ng like me {D/E}yet.


{A}I could make you happy, mak{E}e your dreams come true.
{G}There’s nothing that I would{D} not do.
{Dm}Go to the ends of the earth{A} for you
{H7}To make you fe{E7}el my lov{A}e.
{H7}To make you f{E7}eel my lo{A}ve.

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