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Often there is a need to determine the notation of chords by fingering in the process of writing a new melody on the guitar, for this purpose our team created a tool in the form of a six-string guitar chord generator.

How to use?

To define a chord, it is enough to transfer the "drawing" of the fingering (fingering - a diagram of a chord on a guitar fretboard) from the neck of your guitar to a conditional neck of the generator and the name of the chord will be generated instantly. That is, you need to "turn on" the points on the generator in places similar to the frets that you clamped on your guitar.

Features of this generator!

The features of this generator are that it works online, instantly determining the chord according to the fingering you specified and does not require additional pressing of other buttons. Another feature is its adaptability, because the neck of the online generator is located vertically, which ensures the convenience of using this tool on mobile devices.

What is important to know

The chord database is still growing and at the moment there are more than chords.