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Mishelle - Only You (feat. Randi)

{_Gm}{ }{_F}{ }{_Cm}

Wh{Gm}at’s that {F}feeling that I {Cm}get
My heart is drowning in regret.
Hands are shaking, eyes are full of shame.
Lost myself, but I don’t care,
I’m going but I don’t know where.
My feet are taking me away from you.

On{Gm}ly you, only you,{F}
My{Cm} beautiful dream, I loved you
On{Gm}ly you, only you,{F}
Yo{Cm}u gave me your {Cm}heart.{Dm}

I have no reason now to stay,
But I will think of you and pray
That you will find someone to love again.
I’m leaving and I won’t come back
You’ll find your way,
you’ll be alright,
But promise me you won’t forget my name.

[repeat 4x]
Only you, only you,
My beautiful dream, I loved you
Only you, only you
You gave me your heart

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