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Twenty One Pilots - Be Concerned


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{_C}{ }{_Am}{ }{_C}{ }{_F} — 2 times

Verse 1:

Where’d you g{C}o, huh?
They all think I kn{Am}ow you,
It’s so hard to m{C}otivate,
Me to {F}devote a,
Single inch of me{C} to,
Something I can’t s{Am}ee I,
Don’t mean to p{C}ry but why,
Would you e{F}ven make the eyes?
I d{C}on’t believe my ears,
And I’m s{Am}cared of my own head,
I will d{C}eny you for years,
Then I’ll make you ra{F}ise me from the dead,
And if I sai{C}d that I would live for you,
For n{Am}othing in return,
Well I’m s{C}orry Mr. Gullible,
But l{F}ying’s all I’ve learned,
So{C} be c{Am}oncer{C}ned.{F} (2 times)

Verse 2:

No m{C}usic,
And I could t{Am}alk about anything,
Whe{C}ther or not it’s worth while,
Is ba{F}sed on who’s listening,
Mo{C}st of us listen if it’s,
Someth{Am}ing we can relate to,
A{C}ll of us relate,
If it’s some{F}thing we’ve just been through,
Ta{C}ke it for granted,
Tru{Am}st is damaged and now we panic,
Liv{C}ing empty-handed,
Living liv{F}es like we can’t manage,
I can’t fe{C}el you,
But still know where ho{Am}me is feeling like Jonah did,
Alm{C}ost dropped the bat like every ba{F}se was fully loaded.
So {C}be c{Am}onc{C}erned.{F} (2 times)

Verse 3:

I {C}am disappearing,
Insid{Am}e my bird’s eye theories,
I try t{C}o say goodbye, defy, and d{F}eny,
What it is I’m fearing,
Cl{C}early I am dying, dearly I am writing,
Me{Am}rely testifying, that the te{C}st to fly requires I,
P{F}ass the test with colors flying,
I {C}don’t believe you most the time,
I’m ly{Am}ing ’cause I say I am fine,
Y{C}ou are the pearl, I am the sw{F}ine,
So bre{C}ak my life and take this rhyme,
I’m so sorry but I do beli{Am}eve,
That all my br{C}idges, I have burned,
And I’ve earned a policy of no {F}return,
So{C} be {Am}conce{C}rned.{F}


{C}Sugg{Am}est c{C}orrec{F}tion (3 times)

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