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Twenty One Pilots - A Car A Torch A Death

Очень крутая песня. Поэтому быстро ставим капо на 3 ладу и играем ниже представленными аккордами. Кайфовая темка!

Комментарий автора разбора

Verse: 1

The {G}air begins to feel a little th{D}in
As I {Hm}start the car and then I begi{A}n
To {G}add the miles piled up beh{D}ind me
I {Hm}barely feel a smile deep insi{A}de me


And I {G}begin to envy the headlights driv{D}ing south
I want to {Hm}crack the door so I can just fa{A}ll out
But t{G}hen I remember when you packed {D}my car
You {Hm}reached in the back and bucked up yo{A}ur heart
For {G}me to d{D}rive aw{A}ay wit{A}h


I {G}began to {D}understand{Hm}
Why{A} God died{G}
{_G}{ }{_D}{ }{_Hm}{ }{_A} — 2 times

Verse 2:

The {G}demon sat there waiting on h{D}er porch
It was a l{Hm}ittle dark so we held a makesh{A}ift torch
And {G}when my car was far out of {D}sight
He {Hm}crept in her room and stayed there for the {A}night


And then I {G}felt chills in my bones
The breath I {D}saw was not my own
I knew my {Hm}skin that wrapped my frame
Wasn’t m{A}ade to play this game
And then I s{G}aw Him, torch in hand
He laid it o{D}ut, what he had planned
And then I {Hm}said, I’ll take the grave
Please, just s{A}end them all my way
{_G}{ }{_D}{ }{_Hm}{ }{_A} — 2 times


I {G}began to {D}understa{Hm}nd
Wh{A}y God died
{_G}{ }{_D}{ }{_Hm}{ }{_A} — 2 times


The {G}air begins to feel a little t{D}hin
As we’re {Hm}waiting for the morning to b{A}egin
{G}But for now you told me to hold t{D}his jar
And when I {Hm}looked inside, I saw
It held y{A}our heart


For {G}me to {D}walk aw{Hm}ay wit{A}h
I {G}began to u{D}nderstan{Hm}d
Wh{A}y God died


{G}Sugg{D}est correction

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